Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Facedown Night @ Cornerstone Festival

Here is the schedule for Facedown Night at Cornerstone Festival:

Thursday, July 3 - Underground Stage

6:00 - Take It Back!
6:45 - For Today
7:30 - A Plea For Purging
8:15 - Means
9:00 - Sleeping Giant
9:55 - Impending Doom
10:50 - xDeathstarx
12:00 - War Of Ages

Looking forward to hanging out with everyone there. Don't forget to stop by the Facedown table that will be set up for the entire Fest. We'll have tons of merch from all of our bands, cheap CDs + DVDs and more!
(FD table @ Cornerstone 2005. Erich from Alove For Enemies, Jason Facedown, Drew from Seventh Star and Tim from NIV. I can taste the dust and feel the heat just looking at this picture!)
(Cornerstone 2003 - Mike D from Sinai Beach, Jason Facedown + Carol)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

War Of Ages "Arise And Conquer" cover art and tracklisting

The new War Of Ages album comes out on July 22. Once again, our very own Dave Quiggle did the cover art and we are all really excited with how it came out. Check it out below along with the tracklisting for the new album. Oh yeah, and we're giving away a 32" LCD TV to one lucky person who pre-orders the album. Crazy!! That can be done in our online store: http://facedown.merchnow.com/
WAR OF AGES "Arise And Conquer" Tracklisting:
1. All Consuming Fire
2. When Faith Turns To Ashes
3. Through The Flames
4. Salvation
5. Sleep Of Prisoners
6. Wages Of Sin
7. Yet Another Fallen Eve
8. Generational Curse
9. The Awakening
10. The Deception Of Strongholds
In Stores July 22

Welcome to the Facedown Records Blog

Welcome to the home of the all new Facedown Records blog. This blog is going to be used as a more personal look into Facedown records, our staff and our bands. Make sure to check back frequently and get the inside scoop on all sorts of stuff going on here from sweet art by the one and only Dave Quiggle, to the inside publicity scoop from Shannon Quiggle.
Jason Dunn - Facedown Records

(the above art was drawn back in 2001 by Point Of Recognition guitarist Tim Cordova. It was used for T-shirts that we made exclusively for our band members)