Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just back from Sonshine Fest 2008

I hadn't been to Sonshine Fest since 2001, and holy cow has it gotten to be a great festival! In 2001 when I played at Sonshine with No Innocent Victim, people didn't really know what to think of Hardcore music. But Sonshine Fest is officially on the map now! I am really happy that I was able to make it out this year and definitely plan on heading back each summer.

From the Facedown camp, we had War Of Ages, For Today, Means and A Plea For Purging. All of the bands put on incredible shows and had the crowds going crazy. Some of the bands did some autograph signings (see pictures below) and those were entertaining to watch as War Of Ages signed a giant inflatable lobster!

Other highlights of the week were watching Flatfoot 56 play live (always an incredible show) and creating the biggest circle pit of the weekend, eating huge sno cones with Alex War Of Ages, Carribou Coffee each morning and getting to catch a few minutes of Flyleaf's set when the singer really got to talk to and encourage the mainstage crowd. She spoke about God's mercies being new every morning and the fact that every day that we wake up, God is blessing us with another day and showing us that His grace and mercy is sufficient for us. Definitely encouraging stuff!

I am really looking forward to making it back next year.
Jason - Facedown Records

(War Of Ages signing at the Best Buy table. Yes, that is an inflatable lobster!)

(For Today signing at the Best Buy Table)

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Phillip said...

you guys should sign Flatfoot 56!