Friday, August 8, 2008

Hanging out with Jesus Wept!

Wednesday, Aug 6th, we had a great day of hanging out with the Jesus Wept guys. They all came over to our house and then we headed off to the beach. First we drove to Encinitas and had a wonderful lunch at Swami's. Then we all flipped through hundreds of used and new CDs at the famous Lou's Records. From there we went to the beach and soaked up some sun and rode some waves. Actually just Jason and I went swimming because the Erie boys didn't bring their swim suits. From there we headed over to Carmel Mountain and played video games at Nickel City until our fingers hurt.

Then we ate at In & Out where Tim Mason (NIV) joined up with us. We ended the night at the Donut Corner in Escondido with butter logs and homer simpson donuts. Can't beat that!

(hanging out at the Donut Corner)

(Davey, Neil, Tim, Jason and Dan)

Going to see Jesus Wept play tonight in Rancho Cucamonga and looking forward to it!

Virginia - Facedown

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DawnaHartman said...

why can't neil take a decent photo. haha.

this day was an absolute blast!!!